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As "stealth" as it may be, you still have to point your phone's camera at the photo subject. Designed for stealth photo ops, this Android app helps you take silent photos of your sleeping baby, a hushed library, outdoor wildlife, or in any other quiet environment. Silent Secret Camera HD is free with in-app purchases. Choose to show the photo preview on your screen, or disguise it with a blank screen, or other images, such as a plant or a calculator, or your own upload.

What Is FlexiSPY's Android Monitoring Software?

You can also schedule a recording for a future time. The app has additional features that allow you to use your front or back camera, trim videos after you record them, store videos, and set the maximum video recording time.

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Background Video Recorder is free with in-app purchases. Use the video recorder shortcut or the pink floating button within the app to easily start and stop recordings. Download Background Video Recorder for Android. Use this app to capture photo and video images on the sly.

Leave the camera set up in a particular location such as a room in your home , and it will record when any motion happens there.

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Or, set it up to automatically capture photos every few seconds. Your photos and videos remain secure in a password-protected folder. This home security solution enables you to use an old device as your in-house camera along with your current one to monitor it.

Know How... 57: Turn Your Android into a Spy Cam

Set it up to monitor activities in your home and get motion alerts in real time. Unlike some of the others on this list, Presence is compatible with wireless sensors that can detect window and door entry, water leaks, temperature, and more, for an even more advanced security system.

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You can even set up the app to control other electronic devices in your home. Presence is free for the basic version, or upgrade to Pro for additional features. Download Presence for Android.

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It could happen. There is now an open source spy camera application that is not only free to use, but fun to use. The OS stands for open source.

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The features include:. The face detection auto shot is definitely one of the most excellent ways to catch someone at their least ready. There are also a list of planned features, which include zoom and human detection. Also, jimmod has invited anyone who wants to help make the app better submit code to the source.

Do keep in mind the law before using.

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