Can someone read my text messages

My ex-husband registered my iPhone and I have found out he has been using iCloud to check up on my every move the iPhone he got me is connected to his iCloud account.

How to Read Another Person’s Text Messages

Will he have been able to read all of my personal text messages exchanged through the iPhone? And is there anything I can do to prevent him from reading my messages in the future?

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If he has an iPad, Mac, or iPhone hooked up to the same iCloud account as you use on your iPhone, then all of the texts you receive will notify him too, and he can see your sent texts and send some of his own too. He can also if he's crafty restore a new iPhone from an iCloud backup of your iPhone and thus copy data from all of your apps.

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You can certainly sign out of his iCloud account go to the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down and tap iCloud, then scroll down again and tap Sign Out. Be very sure to set it up with a strong, original password you've never used before, and ensure that your ex does not have access to the email account you set up iCloud with.

Then as an added security precaution, you should set up Two-Factor Authentication on your iCloud account which ensures that anyone signing on to your account would need physical access to your iPhone. Now your ex will not be able to see your iCloud data. Tip from user Alexis : do not set the recovery questions to something your ex would be able to guess. Instead, make up false answers and store it somewhere local not anywhere in the cloud!!

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How to Not Show When Text Is Read on an iPhone

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  7. The less-than-clear question gleaned from this post is "how do I prohibit my ex-husband from accessing my iCloud," which is answered admirably by John Ramos below. I need help. This divorce has been very contentious and evil. How is he doing this? How can I stop it? Thank you. Posted on Mar 29, PM. Page content loaded. When you get your phone running again.

    Mar 29, PM. If so and you and your husband shared the same Apple ID or iTunes account, this is why he can see your iMessages which are being kept in sync with the iOS device or Mac he is using. Thanks for the answers. We do not share apple IDs.

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    He has an android phone I think- definitely not an iPhone. How do I reset my password to reset my phone? Mar 30, AM. I have the same problem, did you ever find a solution? This includes friends with iPhones and Androids. Please help Ive spent countless hours on the phone with Apple Support and they have tried everything. Nov 24, PM.

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    Because there has a way can allow him to access your data without your permission is if you ever backup your iPhone either by iCloud or iTunes, if he can get the backup file and an iPhone no matter is old or new he can restore your backup file on any iPhone so he can see everything include phone's history and message's history before the day the backup file saved, but if he can still get any "new" message then I suggest you erase your iPhone and create a new iCloud account and DO NOT sign in any account related the old iCloud account and do not plug-in any computer which is not the one you trust by USB.

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